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Tidal Wall – Bort, Doughty, Suever, Wischmeyer


004_Concept Proposal

AJ Suever, Rebecca Doughty, Theresa Bort, Mary Wischmeyer

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Sythesis Design and Architecture, a London based firm, built this workspace for an office.  They created a digital model with boxed in locations mounted to incorporate a printer, paper shredder, books, etc into the space.  They then digitally developed a fluid 3-D form over these programatic boxes.  the form was derived from a hybrid of traditional desk/cabinet profiles, but the digital model allowed the form to evolve well past that ideal.  The form was exported as vertical planar surfaces with inset horizontal bars, with allowances for operable cabinet doors.  These templates, spaced regularly vertically and arbitrarily horizontally were sent to a CNC mill.  There Birch Plywood ribs were milled to be installed over the wall mounted boxes already onsite holding the printer, etc.

The final product satisfies the clients storage needs and provides a dynamic 3-D sculptural piece.  This approach to an extremely functional goal, a storage cabinet/desk, harnessed digital modeling and fabrication in a basic but beautiful way that could easily be emulated in our project.