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Submission: Provokativ

Niehoff Installation

Matthew Stoll, David Burgei, Prince Osemwengie, Sydney Brown


Sydney Brown, Prince Osemwengie, David Burgei, Matthew Stoll

Schematic Design

Matthew Stoll, David Burgei, Prince Osemwengie, Sydney Brown

Concept Proposal

Prince Osemwengie, Matt Stoll, David Burgei, Sydney Brown

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On 29th of March the exhibition of The Swarm, a parametric pavilion, took place in the outdoor area of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects in Munich. The first concept made by Magnus Möschel was selected within an intern competition in the summer semester 2011. The sculpture is designed to represent an abstract swarm of birds taking flight. The main exhibit is a sculpture out of Alucobond (a type of lightweight, metal panel) which is 4 meters high and 15 meters long.

It is a single, repetitive piece, mounted end to end and an increasing angle to create the illusion of flight. Students at the Technical University of Munich are currently working on a design that further develops the concept into a inhabitable space or building.

Although this exhibit is currently an uninhabitable installation, the triangular parametric design seems to provide ample opportunity for the shape to be manipulated, or unfolded into a 3-dimensional screen. The inherent “cone” shape could be used for acoustic purposes and keeps the screen from becoming a flat 2-dimensional object as well. This design varies from the traditional triangular, “tessellating screen” and has a whimsy about it while still being fairly simplistic.