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“Project Distortion” is a mobile parametric installation that mixes light, sound, and reflections to alter the way people interact within the space. The installation is made up of 150+ cones that are specifically tuned depending on where it is located in the fixture. The mobile pavilion can be reconfigured to create different experiences. The shape of the cones and materials used allow for a surreal experience as one walks through the pavilion. The shape of the cones are based off of a matrix system which involves various “crumbling and folding” thus allowing the installation to adapt to different situations and sites.

The modular aspect as well as the various experiences from each cone could be beneficial to adopt for the installation in the Neihoff studio. Having a fixture that is modular will allow for an easier build and various set-ups. Also, bringing light and sound into the mix will bring more to the experience than just the visual aspect.