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Research Project

Now the course move to the second project. Research on Digital Media and Computational methods in Architecture.

Presentation location: 5401, DAAP, University of Cincinnati.
Days: 04.02, 04.09, 04.11. 04.16 Time: 1:10PM-3:50PM.

1.   Large scale computation and management. ( 04.02)
1.1 Autodesk 360. Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
1.2 GIS and diagrammatic city making.
2.  Advanced Modeling & Simulation ( 04.09)
2.1 Advanced Rhino: BIM for Rhino
2.2 T-Spline for Rhino
2.3 Soft geometry simulation
2.4 Maya Bone / Skeleton System.
2.5 Fluid dynamic simulation ( Particles, smoke)
2.6 Path Finding and human behavior simulation use nParticles
3.   Visualizations ( 04.11)
3.1 Rendering Engines for Architectural visualization ( Vray, etc)
3.2 Visualization of stress and load.  ( solidthinking; or solidworks)
3.3 Real time visualization with Unity Game Engine
3.4 Photorealistic real time visualization with UDK
4.   Fabrication ( 04.16)
4.1 Tool path and 3D pattern in CNC
4.2 Advances in 3D printing and the potential to print natural materials
4.3 Responsive Building Skins/ Biomimetics
4.4 Shape Memory Alloys and their Architectural Potential
4.5 Arduino / Interactive Architecture

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Ming Tang

Software Download + Prerequisite Knowledge download

  • Autodesk products: Please download latest version of Revit, AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max. All free.
  • Rhino. Please buy a student Windows version ( not Mac version). Latest Rhino version 5.
  • Grasshopper Plugin for Rhino. Free. only works with Windows version.

2. Please following the link below to check your prerequisite knowledge of Computer Skills.

You should have some basic knowledge of AutoCAD and Revit. We will spend only a few Lab hours in the first week to practice the basic skills.