Project #3 Proposal

Project 3

This insertion concept uses scrap pieces of 2x4s from the wood shop at random depths decided by a Greeble I coded on grasshopper. Pieces were cut out to mimic the language already present in the folly. TheĀ hallo lens will help with placement of the pieces of different depths and the holes where pieces are absent.

Project 2 Resubmission

For the re-submission, I added in scale figures, rainforest animals, and thickened the surrounding forest and fog. This gives more realistic context to the building and adds life. The rendering was done using Rhino, Lumion, and Photoshop.

Project 01 Resubmission

Improved composition of planar models, and added a collage structure.

Project 2 Resubmission

For my resubmission, I added some scale figures into the scene to try and show more context. I also used grasshopper to try and improve my skin/panels that are in-between the balconies on each level.

Project 2 Submission

P3 installation

Check out the video at


Sneha Ameya_Folly Insertion_Proposal

My design proposal focused on creating a warped, octagonal exterior shell that would wrap the existing structure. It would be constructed using multiple 2″ x 4″ wood pieces, screws, and a mesh fabric of some kind that would fasten to the interior of the structure. The HoloLens/VR/AR machines would be used to position the individual pieces to the appropriate angle so that they can then be fastened to each other. It could also be used to line the prefabricated pieces up to create the tunneling effect shown in my model. Of course in order to make sure that the structure would stand up without the support of the existing structure, fishing line and eye screws would also be needed to harness the structure to the ground.

Folly Proposal

My folly proposal consisted of a skin that would envelop the folly. It would have been made of yarn or some type of string/rope that would have created apertures letting light into some areas more than others. AR would have been used to see where each knot or “intersection” should occur in the string to create these apertures. This proposal would have created a covering of the folly and would have transformed it into something new. proposal

Shane Chung_Design proposal

My design was based on a simple vertical element. The intent of the design was to use the vertical elements to emphasize the existing shape and language. The number of vertical language will added to create a different enclosure and aperture which creates a different view. The new vertical elements (pipe or string) can easily engage with existing form.