registration for the website

Welcome to the blog website. You need set up a user account before you post and comment. Please following the steps to set up your display name.

  • 1. click  the “register” ink on the right screen.
  • 2. setup you user name and Email. ( Please use your UC email)
  • 3. Check email,  follow the link provided. use temporary password to login.
  • 4. update personal info in the profile page, change to a new password, fill in your full name.
  • 5. Make sure add your first name and last name  in your user profile.
  • 6. Make sure choose your “Display name” as your FULL NAME.
  • 7. Click “update profile” button. Go back to the front page and you should see your name on the right side of screen displayed as FULL NAME.

Let me know if there are any issues.


Associate Professor
Department of Architecture and Interior Design
College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati
Office: 7215 DAAP BLDG
Phone: 513 556 1856

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