Andrew Scott Campbell

The design of Ancient Hills is derived completely from the processes performed by Fort Ancient’s Natives and the resulting topography of the thousands of years of drainage they created.   The interpretive canopy “mound” spans over the primary functions of the building with thousands of interweaving wood joists.  The top blends into the hillside with a vegetative roof; open slits allow beams of light in from the outside to create a diverse outdoor-indoor relationship.  It’s also blended in with the chaotic placement of the tree-trunk columns that support it’s over-arching canopy.  Cantilevered views project out from the side of the green roof to control light and to provide a hilltop view to people that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  It’s interweaving paths bring the viewer above the roof to experience the full scale of the natural mounds and then back down below to contrast the volumes.

Presentation Board:

Model Images:

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