Vanishing Vocabulary – Final Presentation Boards – Details

The diagrams notated on the section axonometric of the living units highlight how the units, with the high thermal retention lent by embedment into the earth, can make very efficient use of solar gain in the winter. The earth surrounding the units will also help them remain cool in the summer, providing that the sun is blocked by shading. The diagrams also highlight that the units are lifted off the ground so that self-composting toilets can be used, eliminating the need for difficult and odorous traditional sewage treatment, in this remote location.

The exploded axonometric highlights the “bundled” variety in structural elements, which are embedded into the earth-side.

The repeated pattern accenting the walls of the museum portion is derived from the native basket-weaving process, a ceremonial element of the culture. The pattern is applied to metal sheet material, varying in depth and sometimes¬†piercing entirely¬†through. These patterned sheets are located on either side of the concrete massing walls that anchor the composition into the “dug” hillside.

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