Vanishing Vocabulary – Final Presentation Boards – Path

The site path notated is the same area of topography highlighted in the site board. The lighter spots along the path are the locations of architectural interventions. The instances that are illustrated are assigned to their locations based on the needs of that specific spot of the site. For instance, a place that juts out as an overlook might have an intervention meant for sitting, resting, and looking at the view, whereas a spot where the topography undulates tightly and is very active might have a simple intervention that merely marks and accents the path.

The elements are meant to accent the path in such a way that visitors spend more time interacting with it and the surrounding natural site, recalling the cultural element of an individual spiritual connection with the earth.

This increased time and appreciation should encourage visitors to explore the site thoroughly – a desire which will be further spurred by the smaller paths that branch off of the interventions, leading deeper into site elements like mound, field, and river (these smaller paths are notated on the site board).

Also, the dramatic difference between the massive scale of the museum and the delicate scale of the interventions, will recall the idea of monumentality being eventually buried beneath the earth, leaving only small bits revealed – vanishing into the terrain.

As one travels down the pathway, the architectural moments are placed carefully so that the one being left will disappear from view before the next one appears. This recalls the idea that, as a new cultural idea develops, the one it is replacing vanishes. (This portion of the design also relates directly back to the case study done on the Creative Zone in Beijing. One of the primary concepts of the Creative Zone was, like a traditional chinese garden, for there to be one view per step. In the pathway implemented on the Fort Ancient site, each step brings a different view of the interventions, as the focus from one to another progresses.)

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