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zone 2 and 3 with mounds in revet 2 ft increments hope it helps

Zone 2 with mounds

Revit Model_large site

Large site:

Revit Model for Zone 2

There are no mounds modeled in this revit model.  Let me know if you have any problems! 


Zone 3 Revit Site

Schematic Design – Andrew Scott Campbell

Fischer Schematic Review

The Timeline

Bogenschutz_Schematic Design

My schematic design looks at approaching the site from two paths, one short and direct with limited interaction with the mounds, one longer that becomes more of a hiking trail that wraps through and around the mounds weaving in and out as you approach the building. The ramp like pathways lead up to building that, like the mounds, is reminiscent of the Native American culture but entirely distinct from the site. The exterior is a composition of leaf-like skin pieces evoking the ancient maygrass plants. Some of the white luminescent pieces are fixed to the structure while others are connected by “finger” hinges that allow for the mechanical movement of entire sections in relation to environmental factors such as wind, sunlight, and ventilation. The structure consists of woven pieces only seen from the interior as you look up and are reminded of ancient weaving techniques. As you move the the building the exterior skin peels away and reveals a large arced window looking out over the hill to the river.

Schematic Design

conceptual design_ eric blyth

blyth_conceptual design