Final Project

A booklet of the final presentation will be submitted by email, which including description, images and diagrams.

Revit Model_large site

Large site:

Schmetic Design_boer


Case Study_Boer Deng

This project is done by MVRDV, a name known to blend architecture, urbanism and landscape design together. Montenegro is where this luxury hotel is located. It is a strong-growing economy touristy due to its rough and unspoiled coastline. Some are heavily developed and most are not. On a piece of this untouched coastline, this resort with a hotel is projected. The design intention is to combine exclusivity with a responsible sustainable embedding of the project in its surrounding landscape. Therefore, the attraction of the Montenegranian landscape could only be maintained by preserving its rough beauty. The whole project was designed to be as an offset to the terrain and covered it with a blanket of the original landscape. Where a higher density was needed, they lift the blanket to create a hill. To form the iconic hotel, a dramatic overhang was created by pulling the blanket in front of the cliff. The flatter parts of the landscape hold the villa’s organized around their private patios facing the sea.
The reason why I chose this project as my case study because it expressed the concept of keeping the natural beauty of the site, which is my intention of the design direction. The hotel looks like it hides under a lush green hill top that has been pulled up as a blanket. As it said on MVRDV’s website, this aesthetically appealing resort will house 115 apartments, 87 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a pool and parking lot and retail spaces. Imaging all these activities happened beneath the eye level, isn’t it like some vanishing generations’ mystery inhabitation? From my point of view, it is a sort of bio-mimicry idea from those creatures live underground. However, all the circular openings also make it accessible to light and up-ground. My original thought of this project is that I consider the whole site as an entire natural landscape park, where minimize human invoice. And I also want to borrow the idea of wrapping the landscape into the building design as a blanket. Moreover, the night view by the water was amazing. Lights illuminate the whole mountain spot by spot, just like a stars blank night.

Site Analysis_Boer Deng