Final For Summer Studio 2011 – Creating a View

Schematic Design of Fort Ancient

Fort Ancient Proposal

Green Oak Writers Studio – Jonathan Schaefer

The Green Oak Writers Studio, constructed in Los Angeles’ Griffin Park by Bertram Architects between 2008 and 2009, is a remarkable example of environment, simplicity, setting and view being incorporated into the design of a building. This small structure, which is designed to be used by writers as an illuminating hideaway in the quiet hills away from the perhaps overwhelming city, uses sustainable construction and an understanding of the local climate with simple geometry to create comfort. The building consists of a writers space with a single bed and a small bathroom with outdoor shower, which takes full advantage of the inviting climate which SoCal is well known for.

A single window, which offers views of the surrounding country towards Los Angeles and the distant Pacific Ocean allows the writer inhabiting the space to feel within reach of the city, yet far from it and free to be at peace.  The large desk and other furnishing are built into the space, maximizing the small area. The main room uses natural wood and light color to create a serene space. Off from this main room is a contrasting bathroom, painted a bright orange to contrast the serenity of the writers space. The shower is located in the rear of the space, outside yet concealed by the hill which the building is tucked conveniently into.

The natural landscape and views to the distant urban landscape provide much influence to the design of this space. Derived from a single line of sight to Los Angeles, The structure remains fixated on the human-inhabited world located through the window, yet is also comfortable rooted in the surrounding drought-tolorant landscape, and maximizes this environment to create a perfect solitary retreat. The Space also maximizes the use of local materials, the use of both the surrounding hill and position of the sun to create a cool space, and many other sustainable aspects to strengthen the independence that this space is meant to exemplify.

Fort Ancient Site Analysis – Jonathan Schaefer