Final Presentation-Jacob Klapper

Fort Ancient contains ancient earthworks built by natives many years ago. The goal of my project was to give visitors an opportunity to experience the mounds from different points, like the ancients did. I accomplish this by clearing the trees off of the mounds and, of course, the main focus of the project is the bridge that takes visitors directly over the mounds. The bridge has widows on the walls and floors allowing them to be the closest they can to the mounds without actually touching them. The bridge contains the museum so that visitor can learn about the the area while directly experiencing its most magnificent feature. One of the support towers goes up several stories to give visitors another view from much higher up. This tower’s lower area also provides the living quarters and service areas for scholars who are studying the site. The building is made out of glass, steel, and concrete very modern materials that contrast with the ancient mounds. The contrast between the earthworks and new bridge is emphasized even more with one being curved and the other is orthogonal and linear. This design really tries to give guests a full experience of such a unique site.

Schematic Design

Case Study: Paul Klee Center

The Paul Klee Center in Bern, Switzerland is a museum designed by Renzo Piano to contain the works of Paul Klee along with housing a concert hall and temporary exhibits. The building consists of three hills that are reminiscent of the nearby hills and landscape. Because of this form, the buildings become an integrated part of the site, the back and sides of the buildings slope down to the ground while the ground slopes up creating a near seamless transition between the landscape and the building almost as if the building was slid into the side of the hill. Each of the hills contains an exhibit focused on one of the aspects of Klee’s artistic abilities, painting, poetry, and musician, and are all connected with walkway at the front. I think this project is relevant to the Fort Ancient site since it also contains hills to respond to and anything built on opposite sides of the mounds would need to be connected some way.

Ft. Ancient Site Analysis