John Meyer – Final Presentation

John Meyer

The Fort Ancient archaeological and historic site is a unique opportunity for active archaeological research and a museum to come together and form an influence on the current reading of history.  The proposal for a Fort Ancient Museum and Lodge is based on the ideal of the current experience of history and life based on several lines of history.  Various versions of history have evolved over the ages, and the history we know now is constantly being revised and edited based on new information.  Fort Ancient, as an active archaeological site is special in its ability to directly influence the museums presentation of fact and information.  Thus, a concept of present understanding influenced by linear input of fact leads to an output and progression to the future.  Simple inputs of fact and experience lead to frenetic center based on the sight lines and site forces that symbolizes the confluence of history as being interpreted by modern minds, and the eventual result is a courtyard that leads to a center atrium for the meeting of the two.  The diagrammatic explanation of a supernova-esque confluence of ideas and evidence leads is the basis for the proposal as the frenetic form and complex geometry show the multitude of relationships between he individuals.  Lastly, the overall site strategy is a relationship of beginning addition of information and archaeological experience, a confluence of those ideas in the center, and a continuation of archaeological research that mimics the start.

Design Development Files

John Meyer – Schematic Design

Schematic Board 7-25

Site Analysis: John Meyer

Case Study – Merida Factory Youth Movement

The Merida Factory Youth Movement presents an intervention to the site that changes the are to include a skate park and building that houses public programming. The finished structure presents a public face and a canopy that defines areas for the community to play, gather, and relax.

Responding to community and program, the structure creates a site through the urban environment and leads to a reactive whole that is reflective, both in structure and in social means. The ground manipulations are interactive with the canopy structure, and the programmatic spaces are relative to site. The manipulations are free, due to the primacy of the intervention. It allows the freedom to create the motion to the corner in an undulating pattern, as the site will provoke new development.

The program as it stands adn was designed, over compensates for the feasibility of the site, but allows for expansion and verstility. The envisioned outcome does not overwhelm the current state of the structure, nor does it underwhelm. It provides a balance to current function and future function, allowing imagination and change to define itself.

In regards to the Ancient site, this intervention creates a new diction for the ideas of old, within a programmatic response to site. The Ancient site now has a limited program – museum and dig sites – but imposing new, broader programs necessitates the intervention and creation of new within the old. A changing populous led to a skate park, and a changing generation will lead to a new Fort Ancient center.