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Revit Model for Zone 2

There are no mounds modeled in this revit model.  Let me know if you have any problems! 


Case Study_ Kate Thompson

Fort Ancient Site Diagrams


The Lookout Studio, designed by Mary Colter is a building to provide a resting space for tourists.  It responds to the landscape of the Grand Canyon by forming itself into the cliff drop, blending the line between building and site.  The plateau is carved into to create paths and stairs and space.  This carving is a reflection of the carved erosion that occurred to create the Grand Canyon site.  It is unclear then where the volumes are solid rock and where the volumes are habitable.  There are even trees landscaped into the interstitial space to mimic the natural vegetation of the surrounding plateaus.

The building not only responded to the site that it was in, but also the social aspect of the area.  The Anasazi tribe that lived in the Canyon during that time built with stones they found from the area.  Therefore Colter used the same type of stones and construction methods to create the building.   The needs of the users were met through all these efforts because the carving and construction methods of the Anasazi provided a naturally cool area with spectacular views of the canyon: the main attraction.  The southern orientation allows for giant windows that cause minimum heat gain.  Colter’s ability to integrate all these factors resulted in an ideal form with outstanding function.

This project is a perfect precedent for our Fort Ancient project because two of the sites incorporate steep cliff edges that drop down to the river.  There is also an existing social presence of a Native American Tribe.  For our projects we should use this design to discover how to incorporate into the site and the culture.