Final submission – Guande Wu

My concept is simplifying the site to be a geometry shape and breaking the site to fragments. Each corner of the form will represent the view and the space of the site. I simply connect all the corners to my construction site together creating a radio form.  However, I think that the linear movement of the radio form is very limited on the ground because I do not want to break the horizontal landscape. Therefore, I designed  underground pathways to extend this movement. Functionally, the creation skylights of the path can lead people going to the museum from parking lot while they can not see views and make them curious and imagine about what Fort Ancient will look like.

I think that most challenge of this project is make the program fit inside my building because the interior space is not orthogonal. I have a hard time seeking the solution. However, I still believe that function will follows form and form can be improved based on the need of the function.

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