project 2

Very well, let’s take a walk. As we enter this compressed space we are reminded of a cave of sorts. This place is dark and it is hard to see where to go next. There is light however; where is this light coming from? As we edge toward the light the cave becomes more and more visible and understandable. Then, like nothing I could imagine we are in what seems like a cathedral if I had to guess. A cathedral underground? Hmmm… well at closer look this would be a pretty rugged cathedral.

I now doubt very much this so called underground cathedral. It has a high vault-like ceiling it seems, and the whole space is very well lit. You can see how I arrived at my first impression. The fact that we are in this cave leads me to believe the light is coming from a hole in the ground above me. It’s the light of day, it must be. Although this place is beautiful we can’t stay here forever. We came here for the journey.

As we press onward we can definitely tell that we are indeed moving upwards as well. As we reach what seems to be the next plane of this cave system we feel the pressure from the ceiling above. It seems like one huge rock is slowly compressing us. Although it wants to make me stay and be crushed we must get out of here. It is causing us to want to move. Let’s get out of here! Back through the tall space, back to through the light space, and out of this cave!


  1. Katie Honneywell

    You made the space very simple it looks calm and relax and the floating box makes me curious.