Final Writing – Rebecca Waters

Very well, let’s take a walk through the Netherlands Hotel.  As you step inside the ceiling becomes low and the lighting darkens. You are in a cave-like space looking for a way out of the darkness. You feel claustrophobic but secure. There are stairs ahead. Those are a chance to escape the darkness. The stairs are the mountainside waiting to be climbed to freedom. They are your chance to quickly escape the constricted darkness. You climb. The first set of stairs are only a few but you can feel the passage becoming well lit but getting smaller. You climb another set of stairs to a lighter space but the ceiling does not rise with you. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the cave is growing near. You can feel the air beginning to thin and you see the light. You are not fully up the stairs but there is the exit of the cave. The ceiling is high and light pierces through the darkness. One more set of stairs and you see everything. You can see what lies ahead and what is behind you. There is a restaurant to your right where the smell of food wafts through the air. You are at the peak of the mountain where the air is clear and you can see through the path. You are no longer in the small dark space you entered. You proceed to see on either side a place of congregation. To your left there is the lobby, where people gather to find out where they are staying and get the information they need. They gather like animals at a watering hole. To the right is the restaurant within the hotel. There are people relaxing and eating in a very large room. The feeling in the room is as if it was a royal banquet. The people are dressed nicely and seem to be having a grand old time. Straight ahead is another set of dark stairs but unlike the ones you just climbed these go around a corner. You are shot through the building like an arrow from a bow. You must continue straight to the dark stairs. As you approach the stairs there is a large mirror, this reflects yourself and the path you have traveled thus far. The dark stairs lead to another brighter open space. This is the balcony above everything you had just seen. It is like being in a tree looking at the open land below you. You are in the only tree for miles and you can see everything.

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