Very well, let’s take a walk.

Very well, let’s take a walk. The forest is a quiet refuge, the waterfall that tumbles over a short flight of boulders the only sound. In fact, it is so quiet and serene that you feel like an intruder. Everything seems muffled by the dense trees whose branches seem to interlock over your head.

You are curious to see the source of this waterfall; in fact, you feel compelled to find it. Moving slowly up the gradual incline of the hill, you find a break in the trees. As you look up at it, you can’t help but feel that if you climbed into one of those trees, you would be able to see your destination. However, you cannot find a way to get to them, since their roots are out of sight.

The trees once more seem to close over your head, and you feel pressed into the space. You continue to crawl forward, moving up and up to find the source of the waterfall. Finally, the ground flattens, and you find yourself in a flat piece of land through which a small stream runs. The trees are taller, and you can see for miles. You feel somewhat satisfied now that you are in this open space; less compressed and intimidated. However, the stream curves back into the woods, and you feel compelled to follow. You feel that this is not a place of rest. Though the trees once again loom overhead and darken the space, you move forward, curious.

You follow the stream back around the bend, the splashing of the waterfall growing quieter behind you. Suddenly, it becomes difficult to determine where you are. Your sense of direction has become confused. However, with the stream to follow, you are not afraid of getting lost. As you go on, you see light shining through the trees ahead, and the sound of rushing water seems to have grown louder. You approach the treeline, and as you emerge from the thick woods, you see the waterfall below you. You have arrived at those trees you had previously gazed at and wondered how to climb them. Now, you have reached their seemingly mysterious source. But suddenly, climbing to the top of those trees doesn’t seem important anymore. You are confident you have unlocked the secret of this forest.

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