Project 1–Emmy Jensen

Very well, let’s take a walk. Though you see a glimmer of light in front of you, all around it is dark, and you don’t know where you are going. You press forward, climbing slowly up the angle of the cave floor, curious to see what lies ahead. You feel as though the walls are closing in on you, and so you are even more determined to reach the light ahead. As you finally reach the top, the ground plateaus and the cave is flooded with light. You look around at the stalactites that now glitter in the sun and feel satisfaction that your destination is a beautiful one.

Very well, let’s take a walk. You breathe in the damp air and watch the water run over your feet as you walk forward. The small waterfall before you splashes down from an unknown source, and while you do not know what you may find at that source, you feel compelled to be there. A part of you believes that you might be able to see it from the trees growing tall around you, but you cannot climb them from here. Perhaps it is only at the source that they might be reached. As you get to the top, you find the waterfall coming from a tranquil stream that disappears into the trees. Curious, you follow the stream until you reach a large oak tree that catches your attention. You climb into the tree and survey the area around you to find that the oak overlooks the path you took before. Having come full-circle, you descend and go on your way.

Very well, let’s take a walk. You know you must reach your destination, and you know it lies straight ahead. A part of you, however, disdains the idea of pressing on from here. Boulders crowd your path and lie close overhead. The tunnel you must travel through, though big enough for you to pass, is cramped and intimidating. However, you move through, walking cautiously forward. At times, the tunnel widens and allows more comfort as you move. Finally, you come out, breathing in the fresh air.


  1. Katie Honneywell

    I like your last drawing how did you create that color/texture?

  2. I like the way you poched your last drawing. I think the texture is interesting and keeps it from becoming a black blob.

  3. Your metaphor of the waterfall and the trees is very beautiful. It certainly helps give the reader a sense of the vertically of the space versus the path that one must take. Your third and final drawing ties in with the text very nicely.

  4. Your metaphor for a cave was something I found very effective due to the lighting conditions as well as the compression and relief areas. Also I found your metaphor of the tree and climbing up to look around a very effective metaphor to communicate that large open area with balconies around.

  5. Your cave metaphor, I think, is working the best with your models and drawings. When you’re inside a cave you get the feeling of being trapped between two immense masses, and your work portrays that very aptly.