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Project 1 – Patrick L Hayes

Very well, lets take a walk through the canyon looking up to see the bright lights trying to make their way down to the canyon floor. The dirt creates visible layers that get brighter as they move up and touch the sun. just as the layers i the building floors create layers that get brighter as they reach the top of the building.

Very well, lets take a walk into the cave feel the weight of the massive boulders come over you as you walk under and into the cave. see the darkness as you approach and feel the mass of the cliff face. you are walking into the lindner center and under the dark inset cantilever.
Very well, lets take a walk deep down into the tunnels where light does not escape and it is very cramped cave walls surround you. you are walking through the bottom floors of lindner as the walls surround you.

Lindner Center

Very well, let’s take a walk.  At the base, like any flame, is the concentration of energy that is released and dispersed upward.  The combustion of this energy occurs when the ambler is compressed at the cave-like entrance and then immediately released into a bright white, 5-story atrium space.  The dispersion of energy equates to the privacy of the upper floors, the quieter spaces that seem to float freely above the crowded and heavy ground floor.  This process occurs as the entire population enters at either the basement or main floor levels; as the most common direction to pass is upward, the location of highest traffic and therefore energy will be the ground level.  This is also the floor that exudes school spirit in the history literally written on the walls and trophy case adorning the walkway, all factors contributing to its high energy level.

Very well, let’s take a walk.  Picture dropping a marble off a roof and watching it strike the ground below.  It will freefall gracefully and silently until that final instant when its momentum completely shifts direction and it explodes back upward.  This drastic change relates to the dramatic change between the ground floor used frequently by students as a passage through campus, and the private remaining 4 floors used only by faculty.  The marble’s passage knows all levels above the contact point as peaceful no matter how many times it bounces; the impact point will always be the most dramatic moment.  Similarly, the first floor is always the most utilized level by noisy, passing students, and even the color scheme of the black floor and walls is unique to the high-energy ground floor.

Very well, let’s take a walk.  A spool of ribbon falls onto the floor and lightly bounces but continues most of its momentum laterally as it unrolls its content onto the floor.  This relates to the athletic center’s balance of vertical and horizontal forces as its long, simple, single hallway form establishes a clear lateral direction while its five-story height opens it up vertically.  Just as the falling ribbon reveals, however, the majority of the noise, energy, and movement occurs along the base floor rather than along any one of those above it.

A Regular Shakespeare

Very well, let’s take a walk. Is it a walk you will survive? Your friends are falling all about you, pierced by enemy arrows. The fortress looms ahead, towering and grim. Yet you press on. At your wit’s end. A tunnel! It is the bastion’s only weakness. You plunge recklessly through the battlements and when you finally locate yourself, dismay grips you. A prisoner of death – for surely you no longer belong to the gloomy life of seconds ago. A monumental gemstone now surrounds you, gleaming in sunlight which was until now unnoticed. Bathed in light, you accept your fate. You ascend.

“Very well, let’s take a walk,” he said, “The usual route?”

“Of course. Where else would we go? We’ve been walking this way for years.”

“Just checking.” After a pause, “I’m just in the mood for doing something spontaneous.”

“Sp-… Spontaneous? Darling, no offense but you’re about as spontaneous as a wristwatch.”

“That’s not true! Watch this!”

“What are you doing? Where are you going? The gas station? … A lottery ticket?? That’s your idea of spontaneous? Why are you looking at me like that? Honey, what’s the matter? Let me see that… Oh!”

“I’m glad I went in there.”

Very well, let’s take a walk. Actually, no. Let’s stay here. We only summited 10 minutes ago, why would we leave now? Don’t you remember how just last week we stood down there and fantasized about the view from here? Well here we are now, so let’s enjoy it. We lost a couple good men on the way here. Let’s stay here for them. Is it what you expected when you looked up here? It certainly is a lot brighter. Remember when we had to stop halfway up? It was quite an adventure we had. There isn’t really a bad view is there? We were skeptical at first, but once we committed to doing this, we had no regrets. What a journey…. Very well, let’s take a walk.

Netherland Hotel








Very well, let’s take a walk.  A smooth start doesn’t necessarily mean an easy route, for a messy page lies ahead.  The notes ease onto one another gradually, but don’t hesitate to accelerate in both speed and complexity.  The suspense builds as the ascending runs are approached, and once the first run is reached it shoots us upwards into a cluster of cris-crossing strains which seem to make no sense of themselves at first, but eventually ease back into cha-order (ordered chaos) before finally taking a slow and steady drop back to the tranquility of where the score began; this brings us to our stop my friend, but the trip will not soon be forgotten.

Very well, let’s take a walk.  There is a nearby stream that winds through a pine-scented wood; the sparkling waters are surrounded by colorful wildflowers that change with the seasons.  The walk though shall be quite the treat, for as the stream starts tossing and turning its way through the trees, it climbs over rocks and pebbles and shimmers with fish and shells.  As the rushing water finally reaches the apex of the cliff, it runs over the sides and steadily trickles in its path down the faces.  As the water ripples gently behind us, we must take our leave, and take with us the serenity we have just experienced.

Very well, let’s take a walk.  We shall creep further down the shore than any of the norm would dare.  What’s this?  A narrow opening that borrows some of the sunlight from the glowing sky outside.  The further into the darkness we venture, the more the compression taunts us; but suddenly the tension abruptly resolves itself with the shift from compression to release.   A massive shaft expands above us with stalactites hanging down and rocks spanning from left to right.  The beauty urges us to proceed upward; but the further up we get, the less there is to reach.  The journey must retreat back to where it began, down the dark narrow tunnel, and back out onto the sandy beaches spanning in either direction, but this is a memory not easily erased my friend, for we will return one day and repeat our wonderful adventure, venturing further still into this mysterious cave of dreams; our stroll together shall be forever burned into my mind.

Chaotic Musical Score

Steady, Trickling Waterfall << holds all of them together

Mysterious Hidden Cavern

Project 1 CAC

Very well let’s take a walk through downtown; we might just get swept up by a giant wave taking us out of our urban setting and into the world of Zaha.  The wave sweeps us through a clear, glass entry that is dancing on the surface of the wave into a deep, dark trough, where we could be tossed around when encountering a series of undulating black masses.  As we continue our venture, light punctuates the wave giving us a taste of what is to come, before finally tossing us into the sunlight, on the surface.  We reach the familiar, as the wave crests above the building giving us a view of downtown.

Very well let’s take a walk, enter the wave and be swept up.  Except this time let’s choose to venture further into the wave, entering its black masses.  We are being swept about in the wave, and tossed topsy-turvy.  Once deep inside it is like riding on a smooth papers sailing across the surface of the sea, it is the calm after a terrible storm.  The papers have direction and are reliable.  If we follow, they will take us somewhere we will enjoy.  At the other end of the floating papers are black mazes, some loud, some silent.

Very well let’s take a walk; let’s go on an adventure through the mazes. They look dark and scary and the noises and screams coming from them, as they protrude from the wave, are terrifying.  However, we were just floating up a calm and peaceful river in the middle of the wave, so something good must happen.  As we venture through the mazes we see they hold precious works of art and the screams are coming from the art.


Embedded Fiber

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is the connecting fiber of Cincinnati. In a blanket containing additive buildings embroidered in the blanket that is Cincinnati, the CAC roots its fibers deep into the heart of the blanket. The sidewalk shows no hesitation in grabbing an outsider crawling across the blanket of streets and sidwalks. It then rips you up and zig zags you into the sky.

Magic Trick

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is a magic trick amongst practicality. Just when you think you have it figured out, a walkway takes a turn and makes you second guess. A magic trick draws your attention to very much intentional things. The CAC frames views and draws your attention to the subtle details and the mystery that lies behind vast white walls like a magician holds up his cloth to hide the upcoming trick.

Thorns of a Rose

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is a rose with many thorns. The most inviting part of the building proves to be more difficult to attain than it looks. The stem of the building curves up from the floor and becomes out of reach. You are forced to take the stairs and dance around the main attraction, the galleries. Paths are elongated and detours are taken. Obstacles appear so the reward is earned just like the petals in a rose.

Project 1- Matthew Stoll

Very well, let’s take a walk….

Entering into the cavern, a crevice in the flesh of the earth, you are at first very compressed.  Compacted by the shifts and turns, you must pass through a series of tight openings, cracks in the plates of the earth.  A narrow fault bends and pushes you into another space, a moment of pause from the tightness.  You discover another opening that promises a surprising revelation.  Pushing yourself through this passageway reveals an antechamber formed by massive stalactites, which then immediately opens up into a grand chamber, carved away after millions of years.  It extends for what seems like an eternity into he darkness, and encourages further exploration of its secrets.

These passageways have been carved away by the hot sunrays.  They pierce through the massive stone and dissolve it, creating repetition and highlighting forms.  They march ahead through the tight passage, as if the walls were shattered after years of tremors.  The next room is penetrated by this light, as if the room itself was the product of these cutting rays.  They highlight the next opening and push you towards it.  After passing through the dark mass, you again enter a much more lit space, but far larger and amazing.  The light pierces through the dusty air, exploring and feeling through the massive room, falling over objects that seem to be centuries old.  The light cascades from above, as if the room has slowly fallen into ruin, and the walls are collapsing.

Entering into the chamber, through a tight and winding gully, you realize the scope and breadth of this ancient canyon.  The walls, formed from the erosion of the ancient rock shows the mark of time.  Symbols of days long past have been uncovered through the layers.  Each band seems to be a mark of time, revealing different compositions, forming a geological timeline of sedimentary rock.   The hard canyon floor is polished by the sands and waters of time, revealing a smooth igneous rock surface with bands and changes in color, no doubt the result of the flowing magma deep within the earth.  Sound echoes off of the tall canyon walls, and after you have paused in wonder of the space, you begin to wonder how you will get up to the surface again.

1. Cave/passage

2. Light/ruins

3. Canyon/rock

Very well, let’s take a walk. As of yet, there is not much to see. From past experiences, you know that there should be something, but all you see is a hallway. It is as if it is dawn, that time right before sunrise when you know the new day will soon be bright, warm, and inviting. This moment between night and day is striking. It is a time of imagination: you know what you are going to see, but you cannot yet see it.

Very well, let’s take a walk. You have now passed through to the threshold. As the sun rises, you enter into the worship space. Time has fast-forwarded. From the covering darkness of dawn you have entered into high noon. Light is perceived from all corners, a vast expanse of space that draws your eyes upward, towards the source. It is easily conceivable to spend the whole day staring up into the vastness of the sun.

Very well, let’s take a walk. After a long day of sun, nature has developed a beautiful sequence to segway into night: sunset. Passing through the openness of the worship space, the threshold is approached: sunrise is rapidly approaching, and you are content with the impending interval of darkness. Entering the entrance space of the church, night has arrived. After a full day in the sun, exploring the vast volumes that daylight had to offer, you are okay with ending the journey in darkness.