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Final Project

Midterm Review – Phil Riazzi



Embedded Fiber

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is the connecting fiber of Cincinnati. In a blanket containing additive buildings embroidered in the blanket that is Cincinnati, the CAC roots its fibers deep into the heart of the blanket. The sidewalk shows no hesitation in grabbing an outsider crawling across the blanket of streets and sidwalks. It then rips you up and zig zags you into the sky.

Magic Trick

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is a magic trick amongst practicality. Just when you think you have it figured out, a walkway takes a turn and makes you second guess. A magic trick draws your attention to very much intentional things. The CAC frames views and draws your attention to the subtle details and the mystery that lies behind vast white walls like a magician holds up his cloth to hide the upcoming trick.

Thorns of a Rose

Very well, let’s take a walk… the CAC is a rose with many thorns. The most inviting part of the building proves to be more difficult to attain than it looks. The stem of the building curves up from the floor and becomes out of reach. You are forced to take the stairs and dance around the main attraction, the galleries. Paths are elongated and detours are taken. Obstacles appear so the reward is earned just like the petals in a rose.