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Final Project

Patrick Hayes Metaphor – The Lindner Canyon

“Very well let’s go for a run.” That was the thought going through my head early one Saturday morning. It was a cold morning, campus was empty and the tops of the buildings vanished in the thick fog. Few cars passed as I stretched by the side of the road and the bell tower rang of in the distance. Campus was transformed into a London street in my mind. As I began my run I headed towards the middle of campus passing Gettler, I turned away from CCM and headed towards Sheakley. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the entrance to Lindner it was a cave, dark and foreboding, a black mouth supporting the weight of the walls that rose straight up into the foggy sky. The building pulled me towards it. Its promenade was a strong river, calm on the surface with a rushing current below that you barely noticed. The water seemed to have eroded a deep hole on the cliff face that was the exterior of Lindner. As I got pulled by the current under into the cave and under the cliff I felt the mass of the building weighing down upon me. The building had all the mass of a 2 two million year old rock outcrop and passing under it evoked an experience I believe a spelunker would have as they enter a cave for the first time. With the current of the river still pulling me along the cave opened up into a massive canyon. It was confined on the canyon bottom and there was no way to move except back and forth, with or against the rivers current. But, on the canyon floor the river had frozen over creating a glazed surface that reflected the light that poured in from the sky what seemed to be hundreds of feet above. The floor of the canyon was a different place all together with no connection to the outside world. I could see the layers of the canyon on the cliff sides. These layers defined the cliff face and divided it into areas that were fundamentally similar but different in their own way. I slid along the canyon bottom admiring the details of the cliff face until I reached a path along the side of the canyon wall that ran all the way to the top and toward the light, and a connection with the outside. There was a light at the end of the canyon that seemed to lead outside and current pulled me towards that light. But I broke away from the current and stepped onto the path entering a whole new world. This path allowed me to look down on the canyon floor and admire its beauty from a different vantage point that really brought out the reflection that the icy surface of the water had. This reflection was a dull gleam that moved as I moved. The light was dancing with me in the beautiful way that only nature dances, it was the wheat fields dancing in the wind, the waves dancing in the water, and the snow dancing towards their final resting place, unexplainable and beautifully mysterious. As I passed each layer of the cliff face I felt as though I was in a different place. The walk was no longer a walk up the cliff face but I traveled through the first layer then traveled through the second. The layers were different pieces that divided up the whole of the canyon. As I ascended through canyon it got brighter and brighter until finally I had reached the apex. The initial burst of light caused my eyes to have to adjust, but once they did the view was amazing. I could see down into the canyon and watch others who had been dragged in by the current get pulled through the building.  I was now at the top floor of the Lindner Center and I could see out the windows out onto campus. Up here it everything was bright and open the opposite of the first floor, and you could look down and if you peered over the railing and looked down past the other floors you could see the reflection of the light off the polished stonework first floor.

Promenade Design – Patrick L Hayes

Project 1 – Patrick L Hayes

Very well, lets take a walk through the canyon looking up to see the bright lights trying to make their way down to the canyon floor. The dirt creates visible layers that get brighter as they move up and touch the sun. just as the layers i the building floors create layers that get brighter as they reach the top of the building.

Very well, lets take a walk into the cave feel the weight of the massive boulders come over you as you walk under and into the cave. see the darkness as you approach and feel the mass of the cliff face. you are walking into the lindner center and under the dark inset cantilever.
Very well, lets take a walk deep down into the tunnels where light does not escape and it is very cramped cave walls surround you. you are walking through the bottom floors of lindner as the walls surround you.